And so it begins…

I’m a recovering drama addict. Now I can’t touch the stuff. Those of you who know me know that I used to habitually create drama in my life. It was bad. It got me into trouble. So now I’ve gone the opposite direction and I avoid it like the plague, or like I have an allergy due to overexposure, almost to the point that it’s problematic.

Masters of the Macabre! Gladiators of the Grotesque! Prodigies of all Perversions!

However, there’s still this melodramatic little voice in my head that I’ve been trying to keep quiet for some time now, but a few months ago, she started acting up. So, I decided to stop suppressing that voice and suddenly I started writing the happiest, saddest, weirdest (and dare I say sexiest?) songs I’ve ever written. And they’re all going on this new album I’m getting ready to record. The song that I’m probably most excited about is called “Welcome to Theatre Noir”. Yep. I told you that little voice was melodramatic. It’s a story song about a young man who goes to see the freaks at a traveling circus sideshow and falls in madly in love with the tattooed lady. The only way for him to be with her is to become a freak himself. It’s a bit grotesque… but super fun! At first, I was hesitant to share this song with anyone, but the reaction has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic. Honestly, it’s kind of shocking to me- people are going nuts over this song.

So, I’m taking this as a sign that I should let my freak flag fly, so to speak, and be my weird self. I’m tired of struggling to write “commercial” songs and watching from the sidelines while Tom Waits, PJ Harvey, Amanda Palmer, and St. Vincent get to have all the fun. Here in this blog, I will chronicle my artistic evolution towards the strange and unusual. Welcome to Theatre Noir.


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